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Reliable DMX512 system starts with a certain type of high-quality cables. If the system reliability is very important, the first thing you should pay attention to the cables and connectors and connectors, as well as on their correct installation. You can build a DMX system, and using a second-rate cable (and even ordinary electrical wires like the ones that go to your electric bell), but in one nightmarish day, such a system may suddenly refuse without any apparent reason in the midst of an important show.

Cable must conform to a standard EIA485 (RS485) and consist of one or two low-capacitance twisted pair, placed in a shielded braid and foil. To make the wires have sufficient mechanical strength and minimal voltage drop on long lines, they must conform to the American assortment

The screen should not be connected or be in contact with any other part of the joint (eg housing), because usually the case connectors are connected to the ground supply voltage, and such a combination would give rise to problems associated with contour currents excavation

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