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Setting addresses

All devices DMX512, except those who read the information on all channels, have special tools to set the address or number of addresses for which the device will enter the information. The most common way is to install the base address at which the number of base address is the first in a group consecutively numbered channels through which information will be transmitted to the device. Should carefully hold the appointment of the base address when working with channels, similar in number to 512. For example, if the rack dimmers to 48 channels installed base address 501, then the last 36 channels will not be used. Some such devices, however, can reassign these last 36 channels at rates from 1 to 36.

DIP switches are called sets of switches that may be present or in the on or off positions. In this case, to install the base address used binary code. When working with such devices is difficult, because for people unaccustomed to perceive binary numbers. Additional difficulties arise from the fact that there are various modifications of the DIP switches.

Each switch is a natural binary device. It can be either switched on or off, and, therefore, to describe the state of one such switch can use two digits: 0 and 1. All possible states for the two switches can be described by four combinations of numbers: 00, 01, 10 and 11. With the addition of each new switch in a set number of possible combinations for a system of switches in general doubled.

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